Mini Art Journal - She was a wildflower

The month is nearly over, but there is still some time left to participate in Viva Las VegaStamps august challenge. I let myself be inspired by these words from their inspiration post: bold, bright, intuitive, strong, women, feminine, artsy, splatter, script, polka dots, pink, teal, lime green, white,black, stencils. Last month I also ordered a bunch of stamps through their anniversary sale (free shipping and discount = me ordering 5 plates and some loose stamps!) so I have no excuse not to participate in this month's challenge as well ;)

I chose to do a spread in my mini art journal and I knew for the august challenge I wanted to use the Whimsical Lady Grey stamp from the last release a design by Mary Vogel Lozinac with a few from the Mixed Media plate from the april release. A full list of stamps and materials I used are listed below. Lady Grey looks like she could be starring in Bojack Horseman which I have been watching episodes of recently. Such a fun show! Anyhow, on to my art journal spread...

She was a wildflower mini art journal
The size of my mini art journal is about pocket fieldnotes/moliskine size, but I chose to work on A5 size paper (120gms smooth project paper from Paperchase) on which I had already stamped the Artemio Silhouette flowers with Heroarts Ombre in neon pinks. I gave the flowers a bit of shadow and also stamped them with Staz-on Dove grey.  I stamped lady grey, colored her in with letraset promarkers and masked her before adding more interest to the page with mixed media stamps and dylusions sprays and stencils.

She was a wildflower mini art journal
I got inspired by the circle and handwritten text on the inspiration post so I wrote some "she was a dreamer, a champion and courageous" around the circle and paired it with the sentiment "she was a wildflower" text stamp. I also added some ink spatters with Liquitex inks in White and black on the edges of the page. 
She was a wildflower mini art journal
Time for the big reveal and I took off the mask from Lady Grey! I always love this part, and it doesn't look to shabby! I traced the sentiment with my faber castell Pitt artist pen and also underlined it. Then it was time to place the page in my journal!
She was a wildflower mini art journal
After I sized up the spread, cut and glued it into place, I took out my distress crayons to give more interest to the page. I drew more circles around the circle stamps with pink, colored the plants with teal and green and added some grey accents near Lady Grey's feet so she looks a bit more "grounded". I also used white and grey crayons to try to make the wildflower sentiment pop out a bit. And then I decided I should actually put a wildflower on the page. 
She was a wildflower mini art journal
I thought that the Whimsical Seed pod from the same plate would make an excellent addition. Colored it in with Letraset promarkers in pinks, to make a contrast with the green and teal and adhered it to the piece. I use sticker paper for this so I would not have to use glue and that always works like a charm! To finish the piece I used the stitching lines stamp as a border in memento black. I'm really happy how the spread turned out and I'm loving the format/size of the mini journal a lot too :) 

It was absolutely amazing and encouraging to have been chosen one of the VLVS July challenge winners! I am excited to see what fun stamps are in the grab bag they sent me :) Of course I hope to win again, but it's really fun just to get inspired and create something! I hardly use pinks in my work so this was a fun step out of my comfort zone. Here's the inspiration board and if you want to join in, just click the picture and add a link to your work on the challenge page :)

Stamps used:
Artemio Silhouette Flowers
Stamppads: Memento black, Stazon eden green, forest green, cherry pink, black cherry, dove grey and stone grey, Heroarts Ombre pinks and greens
Dylusions sprays:  turquoise and lemon zest
Stencil girl Starlight stencil
Liquitex INKS! in white and black
Distress Crayons: white, teal, pink, grey and green
Letraset promarkers to color in Lady Grey and Seed Pod
Faber Castell Artist Pitt Markers with Black India Ink. 

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Spotlight Stationery July 2016 Box Review

spotlight stationery box July 2016

Yes, the above pic may or may not contain spoilers ;) But July box is sold out and the August boxes have been shipped, so this review has been a little bit over due but I wanted to share it and my thoughts about it with you at any rate. 

I've been following Spotlight Stationery (a (bi)monthly stationery subscription box service based in the UK) on Instagram for a while now and then they posted a while back that they still had one July box left, I grabbed that chance with both hands (also because the spoiler photo had something Turquoise in it and yeah how can I let that pass me by?!) Mary from Spotlight Stationery crew kindly let me buy the box as a one-off, which I really appreciate as I was on the fence to get a subscription right away. So thank you again, Mary! The boxes are 25£ plus postage and packaging (UK: £2.00 Europe: £5.25 Rest of the world: £7.50) So I paid the equivalent of 36€ including PP and a few days later I had this waiting for me in my mailbox:

Look at what arrived today 😃 Exited to open this up @spotlight_stationery 😃 #spotlightstationery #monthlysubscriptionbox #stationeryaddict #stationery #surprises #whatsinthebox

It looked well stuffed and I was beyond excited to open it!

spotlight stationery box July 2016

The goodies came in nicely packaged in tissue paper and looks very stylish with their logo and slogan "Indulge your passion for stationery" which I certainly did!

spotlight stationery box July 2016
And these are the contents of the July box; I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was Rhodia themed!

spotlight stationery july box
The set included (pricing is based on uk webstore prices upon googling the items): 2 staple bound small pocket notebooks (grid) (2£ for both), triangle orange pencil (1,50£), soft black leather pencil case (10£ but a seemingly hard item to find as it's out of stock in most stores...) and the turquoise thing I was so curious about is a soft cover Rhodiarama A5 notebook in dot grid (13,75£) which I always wanted to try out! So I was super thrilled to find that in the box. Also I have to note that this was a departure from their usual boxes as they made it themed based on a brand. I definitely like this idea and I hope they will do that again in the future!

spotlight stationery box July 2016
What I also like about this subscription box is that you get an assortment of postcards by young/up and coming artists along with it. There are some really talented people out there and I always love to support indie illustrators and by getting a Spotlight Stationery box you are also helping a charity. For every box they ship they will make a donation to National Star, a charity working with young people with disabilities and acquired brain injuries. I don't know about you, but for me this does lessen the guilt of buying or as they put it "indulging" in buying more stationery. Well played Spotlight Stationery team, well played!

I am definitely happy with the content of my first ever (no I kid you not!) surprise stationery box purchase. (I haven't done subscriptions ever since I stopped with the Inkdrop offered by Goulet pens back in the day) I definitely think that the cost of the box is well worth the content in this case. The summed up amount is 27,50£ and that isn't even included the postcards. Lets say those are 2£ each and then the total would be 35,25£ which what you pay for the box incl. shipping to the EU! So if you like the content of the box as much as I do it is definitely worth it IMHO. 

The question I am struggling with though is will I get a subscription? Will I indeed subscribe to indulge in my stationery needs? The thing is, while I do like surprises, I also like knowing what I will get and what I like about Spotlight Stationery they also offer their past boxes as a one-off buy. I have not made up my mind about this yet, but as I typed this I have noticed they still had one of the August boxes left! Which is a total surprise as I have not seen any spoiler pics of the content yet. So I went ahead and got that one as well and I'm going to wait and see the August box content before I do subscribe. 

If you want to subscribe, when you register for their email news letter, you will get a discount code for 15% off on your first box. Yeah I also have no idea what I am waiting for really, it's such a good deal... maybe it's the fact that I am still thinking - do I really need all this stationery as my closets are overflowing with notebooks I have not even used yet. Well maybe I should make a conscious effort to do so and do some more stationery related reviews!

At any rate, I hope this review was useful to you if you are considering to subscribe to the Spotlight Stationery box yourself. Thanks for stopping by and have great day!



Meesha Monday: July/August edition (and winners of the MM giveaway!)

It's high time for another Meesha Monday post. This sweetheart has been an excellent nurse to me while I was recovering from the bronchitis infection. She never left my side! Also at the end of the cute kitty picture spam I am announcing the winners of the Masterboard Mailart Monday giveaway. So read on if you want to know if you are one of them :)

This little cutie has been living with us for nearly 6 months now. I'm so happy she is doing so well with us 😻  #meeshathecat #meeshaisawesome #meesha #kittycuddles #catsareawesome #catsofig #catstagram #catsofinstagram #catsagram

she has been keeping me company while I have been sick. sleeping on the couch next to me 💕😻 #meeshaisawesome #meeshathecat #meesha #catsoninstagram #catstagram #catsofig #catsofinstagram #kittycuddles #kittycuteness #cutenessover
Sleeping next to me while all I could do was either lay down on the bed or pass out on the couch.

Our little cutie has been soo tired and hot in this weather. she was afraid of the fan we had installed in the living room but she finally seems to be ok with the strange noise and can enjoy the breeze :) #meeshaisawesome #meeshathecat #meesha #catsareawe
There were not many hot days, but when it was too much to bare she was just tuckered out and laying flat on the floor. She and the fan are not best buds but she can appreciate a cool breeze from afar.

look at that happy face!! #meeshaisawesome #meeshathecat #meesha #catsareawesome #catsofinstagram #cats #kittycuteness #catsofig
She likes sleeping in the tubs/tiles, and this was just the funniest sight ever!!

Meesha enjoying the cupboard space I made for her in my art room #meeshaisawesome #meeshathecat #meesha #catsoninstagram #catsofig #cats #catsareawesome #catstagram  #catsofinstagram #kittycuddles #kittycuteness
I made some closet space for her in my art room and I love it that she joins me when I am working on my stuff there.

And after all this cuteness cat picture overload, high time to choose the winners of my giveaway! Thanks to everyone whom participated! The winners are S.Jane and Gerrina !! Congrats gals!! If you would send me an email at miss.thundercat @ gmail.com (without spaces) with your mailing address I will send you each an inspiration card this week :) 

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Monthly Planning MTN: July 2016 overview

When I was recovering from a nasty bronchitis this month, I hardly had any creative energy but I still wanted to do my monthly update in my Midori Traveler's Notebook. Because I wasn't feeling super creative, but still wanted a pretty colorful page, I thought of a "cheat" and adhered one of my gelli prints I had done on tracing paper to the midori notebook.
MTN update July
It instantly created an interesting page to work on! I traced the squares with Faber Castell Pitt Artist pen black in S and wrote the days, date and month with the Tombow Fudenosuke soft brush pen. And the outline was done! I love the color scheme, blue and purple and decided to ink up my Pilot Kaküno fountain pen with Namiki Black to fill in this month's events.

MTN update July
And this is the result. I only added a few extra art stickers here and there, outlined the month, days and dates with a white gelpen to create some interest and that is it! Simple, quick and effective! I might use this method more often in the future. The canson tracing paper holds up fountian pen and other inks really well!

Some close up shots:
MTN update July
At the end of the month I had a ton of work to do on an assignment I wasn't to pleased with, so I just wanted that week to move along quickly! I had that sticker with artwork from Annette Mangseth a while now and am pleased I was able to finally use it :)

MTN update July
Last month I also bought some amazing artwork by Sarah Jane Mills, as I am a fan of her AstroGirl. She does this awesome "quote Monday" thing on her blog where she draws Astro girl (most of the time) and pairs it with a fun quote. So this bit of the page is sort of an hommage to her. The sticker was in the art pack I bought and thought the quote " And so being young and dipped in folly, I fell inlove with Melancholy" by Edgar Allan Poe captured the mood of this particular pose of Astrogirl.

Awsome art by @ivory_ocean in the mail today :) Love it all and Thanks for the surprise ACEO too Jane! #artistsofinstagram #supportindieartist #art #illustration #zine #astrogirl #awesomeness #snailmaillove #snailmailrevolution #echtepostiszoveelleuker
This is the full art pack I bought from Sarah Jane's Big Cartel shop: sticker packs, Sehnsucht zine (so wondefully melancholic!) and a surprise pack or prints. I esp love the one on the top right corner. Sarah was so sweet to include an original ACEO of Astrogirl, which I swooned over!! If you like her style, I urge you to check out her blog and store :) 

In little over a week, august will be over and this month has been pretty un eventful so far. BUT I am SO looking forward to the last weekend as the Amsterdam Comic Con will be held then! We already got our tickets and I'm excited to see James Marsters and Julie Benz in the flesh :) I have been a long time Buffy and Angel fan, so I'm geeking out! So  might I possibly have a fun update for august after all? I definitely do hope so :)

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Mini Art Journal - Poison Ivy

poison ivy mini art journal

After weeks of feeling crappy and not having the energy to do much creatively, I finally made an effort today to make something in my mini art journal. I sorta had to as this is my day to post an inspiration page on the Inkadinkadutchies FB page with stamps from Lost Coast Designs. I got inspired by "Fan Girl" which is the main image I used for my spread. I love the art deco swirls and wanted to depict her like the comic character Poison Ivy. I did two takes on her, stamped her on 160gms white stamping paper first with memento black and the second with cotton ivy green. I colored her in with Letraset Tria Promarkers as with the detailler tip you can really get into the swirls of the hair. Some close up pictures:

poison ivy mini art journal

Poison Ivy originally has red hair. But in some versions she is also completely green. Like the depiction below.

poison ivy mini art journal

I cut the images out and adhered then to the background made out of lot of different layers: marbled page on which I stamped the Grunge, loopy calligraphy and fruit pods background stamps in various colors of green and dark blue. I also love my new OMBRE stamp pad from HeroArts.

poison ivy mini art journal

In the end I also spattered some liquid acrylics from Liquitex INKS! in white and gold to give the page more interest. I'm really happy how it turned out :) How wonderful it was to spend some time in my art room again!

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PS: Also don't forget my Masterboard Mailart Giveway ends tomorrow! Just leave a comment at the blogpost to be entered for the giveaway :)