In need of a Zippy?

I have recently bought a new sewing machine, a wonderful Janome, and I have decided to also make some zippered pouches to sell on my shop. I am making them in various sizes and most of them are made from imported Japanese fabrics. I also will make things out of some cool fabrics in retro style. There's a store I frequently visit called Kitch Kitchen and they have the most wonderful vinyl printed fabric in kitch and retro design! Yes I will be making stuff with that too :D So my shop is no longer only kawaii based, but broadening out just a little bit :) I am making new kawaii felties still, I have a few good ones I still need to realize, but when they are up you'll be notified here :) But for now, if you are in need of a Zippy, go check out my listings! I will add more tomorrow :)


New! Bottle Cap Magnets!

New at my etsy store, Bottle cap magnets! I really enjoyed making these! I have uploaded a bunch at once (14), they are $3 each and for a limited time you can buy 2 for $5, 4 for $10 etc. A free exclusive Kitty Darkness Designs Bottlecap Magnet will be added with every order. It's one that is not for sale and only available when you buy something at my store. So go ahead and take a look, hopefully you'll find something you'll like :)


My products on DaWanda!!

I opened a DaWanda shop! For people in Europe esp. this would be an easier way to buy things from me as prices are listed in Euros and here I also accept bank transfers. I'm listing things on this shop daily, for now the things I have listed on my Etsy are making it's way over. Take a look!


Anyone want some sushi?

This adorable little guy was listed on my Etsy shop yesterday. It's Onigri Chan in a keychain form. I've been also putting some buttons on my creations lately! I think it gives them a cute accent :) If you want to give him a loving home, click the link above and there you will also find more info on him :)


My First Treasury

No, sadly I was not included in one... yet (well as far as I know of ;) but I finally managed to snag my first Treasury list on etsy! As some of you might now, it's a very popular list to get on! I decided to go with the theme and make an ode to my fellow black kitties out there!

Here's a screenshot (the list will expire on Sunday so the link won't work after that)

Go on and take a look while you can! Give the kitties some love :)

Fresh new blog!

Well this is my first post on my fresh new blog. I'm not used to blogger format so I'm figuring things out as I go along. I'm used to Livejournal format for my ATC's and Swapbot activities mostly, but I also haven't blogged there in ages! I hope to get better at it and hopefully this fresh new start will give me more incentive :)

This blog will be used mainly to update the developement of my etsy shop. This also includes new characters and items developments and of course I will post here when I have listed new items in the shop! So stay tuned!! I'm also planning to have a monthly or bi-monthly contest where you can win something I created and offer special promo offers to my blog subscribers :) So all the more reason for you to watch this space!!!

For now I will leave you with a picture of my current stock at my Etsy Shop (I have added a few more items since this picture was taken). Most of them are still in stock, so if you see something you like, come on over :)