Art Nouveau Lady

Work in progress art nouveau coloring 

I love my new old pantone letraset Tria markers. And I love rubber stamps. This one is from the art nouveau collection from Lost Coast Designs. I absolutely love her and always wondered what she would looked like colored in. So I took my markers, sat down for an hour and this is the result.

Art nouveau fnished piece.

I love how the colores were really bright at first but after adding a layer of Tim Holtz clear crackle paint, it became somewhat 'older' looking and some of the colors blended together.

close up of the crackle paint effect

I really love that crackle effect. And I'm quite happy with the results of the over all look.

Inspired by this? This stamp is the Lily stamp from Lost Coast Designs.


Work in Progress; Alice in Wonderland ATC's

Making ATC's for an Alice in Wonderland ATC swap at swapbot. Rubber stamped used are from the octopde factory. Really love their illustrations! Great way to test my newly re-vamped letra set promarkers (got a whole set of them 2nd hand, newly filled by someone who fixes up the poor abandoned dried out markers. And really after she fixes them up, they work just as they were brand new!)

I also wanted to try out some (more) flocking. The mushroom tops are flocked with red and blue fuzzy stuff from studio g flocking materials. I used a small fine brush, uhu glue and a bit of water to adhere the glue on the places I wanted to have flocked. And it somewhat worked, but I couldn't get it to stick evenly :/ Oh well, that does gives it somewhat 'charm' to the ATC, right? ;)


Tim Holtz Inspired

At the Movies -  Tim Holtz Inspired Booklet, made with hand made film strip ribbon

I recently joined a wonderful group on swapbot, called the Tim Holtz addicts. Now prior to making my own stamps, I always have loved rubber stamping techniques, making ATC's etc. as my flickr photo page can attest I own drawers full of stamps (guilty pleasure ;). But I've never really dabbed in the TH zone - not until when I saw what the lovely ladies at the group on flickr were making!
Now I must have all the ideology line items, embossing folders (for my recently purchased cute little cuttlebug) and other cool knick knacks TH came up with (including the stamps, yes!) 
But unfortunately some things are hard to find here (thank goodness for etsy right?) but sometimes seeing all this wonderful stuff, it really inspires to go out and make do with the things you have! 
I totally love the film ribbon in a canister of TH's ideology line, and I remembered this long film strip border stamp I bought from Lost Coast Designs in April at the Art Specially Stamp event and was like, why not try to make my own?! So I did :) 

What you need; film strip stamp, staz on ink and transparency film (Recycled materials from the office supply bin at work) It's actually very simple; Just stamp the film strip onto the transparency film let it air dry (don't use heat tool it will warp your transparency! and cut out film strips et voila, you have your own film strip ribbon á la Tim Holtz!

I wanted to have a film reel so to speak so I twirled the ribbon twice and fastened it with a small black brad at the ends so it will stay the shape I wanted it to and added it to the booklet you see above. So much fun!I can't wait to see what the group will inspire me to do next :)