a little update; etsy open & stamp carving workshop

Sorry I've been a bit silent the past months. I wish the little bear could do all my social networking! Busy at my 9 to 5 job and I had a throat infection the last weeks of september which really sucked! Was sick for over 3 weeks :P but thankfully everything is all okay now. sometimes I still feel like I'm swallowing down sand paper, but I'm dealing ;)

A lot have happened the past months. 
The Etsy Open store in Leiden has come and gone. It was so much fun to see a the work of 30+ Dutch designers/ etsy store owners in the shop! I also participated and I'm pleased that I sold a bunch of my Carved and Boxed Stamps  and the few that weren't sold are going to be listed on my etsy. To have an impression on what the store looked like, here are a few pictures; 
 clothes and fun stuff

 you can see my plushies and stamps on this lovely closet made of tables. 

loved the roughness of the walls above the white we helped paint. 

more pictures and stories on designers who participated on check out the blogs on Dutch Handmade

Next event for me is the 3rd stamp carving workshop at Shop Elle Aime! It's being held on November 13th at the ROTABS Style Center in Rotterdam. For more info and sign ups check out this blogpost (sorry dutch only) Because of the popularity of the workshop we maximized it for 15 people at a time. 

To see what other attendants have made;

This is the last workshop of this year so if you don't want to miss out, go ahead and sign up now. And hopefully I'll see you on the 13th of november :)