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I started writing letters when I was 13 years old. Over the years I had over a 100 different pen pals from 30+ different countries. There was nothing more exciting then to receive a long letter from a friend from overseas. I kept on writing letters until well in my mid to late 20s and then I just abruptly stopped. I couldn't find the time anymore, to sit down a write a 'proper' letter. And with the digital era making it easier to connect with friends through Facebook, twitter, flickr, messenger and what not, writing a letter seemed redundant... but recently I've really stared to miss it. 

In my teens I used to have a huge fountain pen collection. Waterman, Pelikan, Sheaffer, Parker, no name brands, calligraphy points, etc.. you name it, I had it. When I moved out all of my stuff from my parental home, I kept only my Sheaffer fountain calligraphy pen and nibs, all the rest I gave to my niece whom I also stimulated to write letters, but unfortunately that didn't take any hold either as she then donated them to a thriftstore. I really wonder now what happened to my old pens, who has them & if they are enjoying them as much as I used to do. I can only hope that they found the thrill of excitement as I did when I walked in my local art store and found these gems; 

Osmiroid Calligraphy pen nibs

I only found the 'rola' nibs there (they were sold for 2,50 € each - such a steal!) and then did research on the brand and found someone on Marktplaats (Dutch 'Craigslist') selling the unopened vintage sets! Of course I had to have those, old love does die hard after all ;) So I ended up with these complete sets;

(more info on osmiroid fountain pens)

The pelikan ink cartridges I still have a lot of, so I was happy to find out that they fit in the pen nibs perfectly. But I'm really happy the calligraphy set has a ink converter also, because when I came across this gorgeous blue color ink, caribbean blue by Caran d'Ache at the fountain pen store in Amsterdam (Akkerman) well, I just couldn't leave it there, now could I? ;) 

Using this italic nib and gorgeous color, I was excited to sit down and write a letter to a dear old friend of mine, Ashley P., who decided she missed writing letters too and wrote me a letter not so long ago! It was wonderful receiving a genuine letter again in the mailbox! It also felt so good again to pick up a fountain pen, some stationary (which I also collected over the years) and just write away (the letter ended up being 20 pages long!!). I hope to re-connect with some long lost pen pals, and make good use of these band new vintage tools of mine :) 

Have you had any pen pals? Do you still hand write letters? 
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I'm excited to start writing mine :) 

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