And the winner is...

Thank you again for all the lovely comments and birthday wishes!
A bit later than I promised but finally the winner is drawn!
 I had a cute little helper to count all the lucky stars and there were soooo many!
Before I announce the end result some close up shots of the lucky stars ;)

and there were
664 Lucky Stars !!

(Yeah that's quite a lot! ;)

and now for the winner who was closest to the actual number

Im guessing 621, thats probably way to many :)

well Molly, that was pretty close, you were only 43 stars off ;)

You've won a surprise KDD package!
It's already packed up to go, just email me your address :)

Thanks again to everyone whom participated! 
I hope you had fun with this :)


Lucky Star Contest! > Now Closed!

Yay it's my birthday today :) And I'm celebrating it with all of you by holding my annual Lucky star contest here on my blog :) Guess the number of lucky stars (or closest to)that are in the glass matryoshka jar and win a fun KDD (surprise)prize parcel! 
The rules are simple, 
* only one guess per person, comments count on this blog post only
* it's open to everyone, but you have to be a follower of my blog to win the prize of the contest
* you can comment until March 23rd and winner will be the following weekend.
thank you for entering your guesses :)
To keep it fair and without leading anyone, we've not counted them yet. So it's a surprise to me too :) Just one tip, there is always more in there than you might think ;) One more picture to give a better view;
It's about 18cm high, diameter of about 7cm to 5cm and filled top to bottom :) 
So ask yourself this question today, are you feeling lucky?
Then come one and have a guess ;) 

ETA; Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone :) 
The comments on this post are now closed. Thank you for entering your guess!
This weekend we'll count the stars and then select the winner whom has the correct guess or closest to the correct number :) 
Are you the winner?? 
Stay tuned!!


Society Queen

This week at The Octopode Factory Friday Challenge the theme is Royalty. I'm happy to be a guest designer again this week :) While Lily has an amazing selection of lovely queens as (digi)stamps I wanted to do something a little different for this challenge. I recently bought the classic Audrey Hepburn smoking Stamp at Stamping Back and I thought it would be fun to combine that with The Octopode Factory's awesome Audrey Smoking digi stamp. Audrey Hepburn is one of my all time idols, she is amazing. 
To share one of her quotes; 
"Living is like tearing through a museum. Not until later do you really start absorbing what you saw, thinking about it, looking it up in a book, and remembering - because you can't take it in all at once."

I wholeheartedly agree. Here she is looking back on her life, how it all went and how society sees her - framed and admired-  and I think we all consider her a bit of a Royalty now, don't we? She is definitely a queen in my book :) 

Materials used; Octopode factory audrey (digi) &swirl (rubberstamp), stamping back audrey (rubberstamp), zettology crown rubber stamp, basic grey papers, velvet sticky back fabric, paisley rubber stamp, versamark dazzle, pearl ex patina, metallic rubs, polkadot ribbon, typewriter sticko stickers & colored with Letraset Tria Promarkers. Card dimensions; 18x15 cm.  


a good luck color combo?

Loving my new sephora nail polish I bought yesterday! 
Duo toning with 'my vintage sweater' and 'want to be a star' - I think they fit quite well together. Did this to cheer me up a bit, was a bit down in the dumps because I'm nearly hitting my 2 month mark of being unemployed. Then the strangest thing happened. 
After I did my nail polish I got called for a job interview, or well a meeting for a possible job interview, at an agency. The meeting is tomorrow and they explicitly asked me if I was available right away. And I'm thinking this must be a good luck color combo! I'll just leave it this way and not revert to one color for tomorrow. yeah I'm superstitious that way ;) At least it'll show a little bit of personality in this uniform society. Right? :)


200 fans and we have a winner!

Wow, I just hit 200 fans on my Facebook Fanpage :) And as promised I'd let the randomizer pick one of you lucky fans to send you a surprise hand carved stamp from my carved and boxed series- and look who the randomizer chose .....
Christel Nolle! 
Congratulations Christel! If you would let me know your address through messaging me through Facebook, I'll get out the prize to you soon :) To everyone thanks so much for your support! it means a lot! To stay updated on my latest items and news, please do like my FB fanpage to get all the news first :)


Wh000 are Y0000uu?

I'm quite happy to be a guest designer for the Octopode Factory Friday Challenge this week :) This week's theme is mushrooms. I've been inspired by, yes once again, Alice in Wonderland ;) I just love this scene where Alice is tiny and she meets the Caterpillar in the forest and he asks 'whOOo are YOOoouu?' :)
The mushrooms are digistamps and it's the first time I've actually worked with digital stamps! And I have to say I love it! I'm usually very loyal to my rubber stamps, (I have about 1000+ rubber stamps)  but I love the fact that with Digi's you can re-size it and as you can see I took fully advantage of that ;) 
I mixed the Octopode images with the Lewis Carol's Alice to give it a bit more whimsy to it. I love how well it goes together!
Materials used; octopode digi stamps and rubber stamps, red eowyn alice rubber stamp, Letraset promarkers, pearl ex shimmers, whimsy alphabet stamps.
 dimension of the card is 6x4 inches. 

Inspired to make something for the challenge? Need some octopode images? check out Lily's etsy shop for more digi stamps :)


Anyone for Cake?

Wow time sure does fly! Happy March everyone! This is (or will be) a great month for me as I have a lot of things to look forward to. First off I have my birthday this month, on the 14th. I also have a job interview on the same day in a place I would really, really like to work, so please keep your fingers crossed for me  that it will work out.That would be some awesome birthday gift If I got the job ;)
The week after my bf and will take a trip to Lisbon (Portugal) for a week :) Oh I'm SO looking forward to new surroundings (we've never been there before) and some SUNSHINE! Also been quite a while since I've been abroad, last trip was to Prague last year June. High time to go on holidays again I say ;) 

Anyway, since I know like 3 others who also have their birthday on march 14th and actually I have 3 friends who have their birthday on the same day today, I came up with this concept for the TOFF Octopode Factory Friday Challenge; Birthday Twins. Theme is Anyone for Cake and yes I love me some birthday cake ;) I used Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum rubberstamp from the Octopode Factory, cupcake stamps from maya road,  whimsy alphabet stamps, Tim Holtz Distress Embossing powder, versamark inkpads, memories tuxedo black ink pad, basic grey papers and as usual my letraset promarkers. 
I really had fun with this Challenge :) Want to play along? Go ahead and make something and post it to the blog! You still have today for this challenge, and every friday there will be a new one up. 
(And err... if you check out the new challenge which will be posted tomorrow, 
you might find a familiar guest designer popping up ;) 

So to all my march birthday Twins, happy birthday to you!