WIP: Nightly watercolor practice still going strong

My current favorite watercolor palettes :) ____ #watercolorpaint #watercolorpractice #watercolor #watercolorart #watercolourart #watercolour #aquarelle #sennelier #schmincke #pfeifferartsupply #princetonbrush #artsupplies #artistsofinstagram #createeveryd
Working in my moleskine pocket book at night ...

As you might have read on how Exhaustipated I get during winters (esp. when you're home sick with a strange type of flue which is going around it would seem!) I also wanted to share what helps me through these dark days. And that is color therapy in the form of doing water color practices at night. By now I have a little collection of different water colors tins filled with paint handmade by lovely artisans and the familiar brands like sennelier and schmincke. In the Black Friday Sale from a few weeks ago I've also purchased a few tins from Prima marketing series: Shimmering Lights and Decadent Pies.

Excited to have these #primamarketing #shimmeringlights #watercolors to play with 💖 I knew I needed to have them seeing @khourianya using them for her gorgous works. Got another prima set, decandent pies in a twofer-deal! Yay black friday
Prima marketing Shimmering Lights color swabs

The Shimmering lights are beautiful golden/orangey tones with a slight shimmer. They also are quite strongly pigmented so they can be used for glazing over colors as well as being used on their own. They are labeld as artist grade paints and I'm very excited about this set. The Decadent Pies however, not as much...

Having some coloring fun with @prima_watercolor Decadent Pies. The image is a stamp designed by @karen.hayselden for #StampotiqueOriginals #watercolorpractice #watercolorpaint #watercolorsupplies #primamarketing #decadentpies #watercolorsupplies #watercol
Stamp by Stampotique Originals, first layer of color with Prima Marketing Decadent Pies

There are some fun colors in the decadent pie set, but even though it says "artist grade" on the wrapping labels (not on the tin like on the shimmering lights!) it behaves more like student grade watercolors. Like the KOI Water Color set I had before I ripped those out of the plastic pans and filled with sennelier colors. OK, to be fair these do behave better and are more saturated in color than those KOI ones but still did not like the set as much as all the other sets I have. The set also have 4 shimmering colored pans, but no doubles from Shimmering lights. Didn't mean for this post to turn out like a mini water color review, but there you have it.

Absolutely in love with my new detail brush! Poppies are stamps from @carabellestudio #watercolorpaint #watercolorpractice #watercolor #watercolourart #watercolour #aquarelle #davincibrushes #poppies #moleskineart #practice #paintepicshit
Stamps by Carabelle Studio's, DaVinci detailler brush size "2/0"

At any rate, I'm really enjoying the self-created "water color Therapy at night" routine (next to my writing meditations) which help me through these days where I am in much of need of sunshine. It's like I said to a friend "Color is like Vitamin C and works like an energy boost in dark times" and wouldn't you agree?

Sharing these watercolory desk shots over at my desky friends at Julia's blog for WOW 444 (such a magic number!) 

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week!


  1. Wow your watercolouring is amazing! I Love the prima palettes too, they are in my Christmas list hehe
    Have a fab fab fab week
    Ellie #17

  2. I really love seeing all your watercolour paint charts - your therapy is obviously helping. It's interesting to hear the pros and cons of different paints too, there's nothing like experience huh?! Enjoy your painting, you have a real talent.
    Hugs LLJ 10 xxx

  3. WOW! Fabulous watercoloring and paints!! Hope you get to feeling better soon! Thanks for stopping by and hope your week gets better!
    Carol N #21

  4. Wow! What a lovely way to spend your evenings - enjoy!!!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  5. Love the vibrancy of those Shimmering Lights. Hope you feel better soon. Happy WOYWW Sarah #9

  6. fab watercolouring! happy woyww Helen #1

  7. I love your color therapy idea! I hope you start feeling better soon, and thanks for sharing your take on the Prima's. So far I've resisted, but they do look so appealing when offered for sale. And I love your coloring...so rich; the poppy especially. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting.
    -K #23

  8. Fantastic watercoloring ! Get well soon!

  9. Oh girly I do agree, colour is the BEST therapy for me, when it comes to almost anything. Am so glad you’re getting something from your fantastic painting, and I love the collections you’ve got, they look wonderful just as colour swatches!

  10. Beautiful , love the shimmer. Thanks for visiting.. Anne x #8

  11. Loving your art work. The little plane is so gorgeous. Have a lovely crafty woyww, Angela x12x

  12. Your art work is amazing as well as beautiful...Happy a wonderful happy week ahead...May #3

  13. Hi Cheetarah, colour therapy works for me every time. Although I'm not artistically gifted, so I have colouring books and pens. Hope you feel better soon. Have a lovelg week, Heather #22

  14. Fijn dat je zo afleiding hebt! Hoop dat je snel weer een stuk beter bent! En wat een leuk-lieve page met de diertjes! Je bloem is mooi donker en ziet er heel natuurlijk uit! Groetjes, Gerrina

  15. What a great therapy. I hope you feel better soon. Dorlene #29


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